trading in a range of goods. Promoting the whole range of goods that are sold in a business. Glossary of Business Terms

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merchandising mer‧chan‧dis‧ing [ˈmɜːtʆəndaɪzɪŋ ǁ ˈmɜːr-] noun [uncountable]
1. toys, clothes, and other products based on a popular film, TV show, etc and sold to make additional profits:

• Even before the movie came out, the markets were flooded with the typical forms of merchandising.

2. COMMERCE MARKETING the way in which goods are arranged and placed in a store:

• The goal is increased revenue through creative merchandising.

ˌcross ˈmerchandising COMMERCE MARKETING
when products that are related to each other are placed next to each other in a supermarket to encourage customers to buy both products
ˌscrambled ˈmerchandising COMMERCE MARKETING
when a shop sells goods that are usually sold by another type of shop, in order to increase profits or attract new customers. For example, a food shop might start to sell some types of clothing

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merchandising UK US /ˈmɜːtʃəndaɪzɪŋ/ noun [U] COMMERCE, MARKETING
(also merchandise) products connected with a popular film, event, famous person, etc., or the selling of these products: »

They hope to raise £12m from the sale of tickets and merchandising.

merchandising income/revenue/sales »

The $250 million figure reportedly includes merchandising income and a share of the film's profits.


Warner Bros owns exclusive merchandising rights to the Harry Potter character.


merchandising activities/deals/opportunities

the activity of making people more aware of your products and increasing sales through advertising, special displays or events, etc.: »

Sales growth has been hurt by a misguided merchandising strategy.

See also CROSS-MERCHANDISING(Cf. ↑cross-merchandising), SCRAMBLED MERCHANDISING(Cf. ↑scrambled merchandising)

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